It's still changing...

Well it's Sunday 15th February and the website is still changing. There's more to be added to my bio that I've yet to write, and I'm well behind with behind with recording both the last two months' tunes properly let alone writing the one for February - but there's still time and it's half term week! Last night I played a Valentine's Gig  as part of an easy listening jazz duo with a musician - saxophonist-  I'd never played with before, no rehearsal and all in all it went fairly well and we were bought drinks by  one of the customers who appreciated our music 

Today Sue needed my assistance with making choux pastry. Neither of us had ever made choux pastry before so it took us a couple of tries with two different recipes - the latter one which Lizzie (master cake baker and plays violin/accordion/recorder with Compass Moon) provided after our first recipe courtesy of Delia didn't quite work. Increasing the proportion of flour in the recipe made all the difference! Why am I telling you this? Well it's my excuse for not getting any music work done today (other than giving 4 lessons that is!) Still the recipe worked so I stuffed myself with home made Chocolate Eclaires which were really scrumptious! 

I have updated the website a bit this evening and I shall be getting back to writing this month's tune tomorrow as I have the morning to myself. Tuesday I've two rehearsals, with Compass Moon and Nick Haywood. On Wednesday I'm off to the Culture Change Conference at the Royal Opera House no less. With another Compass Moon rehearsal on Thursday as well as taking my cat to the vet for an X-ray (and therefore an aneasthetic) in the morning. So another busy week!

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